Jefa Autopilot Motor DU-TS8-12


Transmission drive unit 200 Nm (12V) with Garmin wirings.

Model number: DU – TS8 – 12



Jefa 200 Nm transmission autopilot drive unit with Garmin wirings
The Jefa transmission drive is one of the most compact autopilot drives in the world. It’s as strong as a human being (the max. output torque of 200 Nm is equivalent to 40 Kg on the rim of a 1 meter wheel) and is build for 24 hours per day continuous operation with a total weight of only 6 Kgs. The combination of the specially designed electric motor with the ultra efficient 3 stage planetary gearbox results in an extremely efficient drive unit to keep the battery charging time to the minimum. The drive can be used on boats from 30 to 60 foot (or with a rudder torque up to 525 KgM) equipped with a Jefa transmission steering system. Please click on the pictures for a larger view. The Jefa transmission drive is very compact with a length of 162 mm and a maximum diameter of 158 mm. As space is always a problem on sailing yachts, the compact drive unit can be integrated into the steering system even when a very limited space is available. The drive can be mounted on the BG11 and BG14 bevel gearboxes or directly on the RG10 reduction gearboxes. Please remind that a preparation for the autopilot integration is required when ordering the steering system.

Jefa transmission drive unit 200 Nm